Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hush Reviews

Thanks to Denver on a spit and Westword for their reviews of our dinner at Hush this past week.

Mckinley thatcher demo

We had a blast on Thursday making sorbet for all 240 kids. Thanks for all the great questions and we will be back soon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School demo this week

We have been getting some good press in the halls of Mckinley Thatcher elementary this week

Consulting for H Burger

About five months ago the owners of Dining Out Magazine approached me about consulting on a burger concept in the sugar cube building in downtown Denver. The project has been a blast trying to find the best technique for the perfect fry or coming up with a killer fry sauce (candy garlic, fresh thyme, mayo and lime juice) One thing about consulting is you can only give your advice on how you think a situation should go. It's up to the managers of the day to day to take it and run with it. It has been a challenge to get systems going but now that it is cranking, it's only going to get better and better. H burger is located at 16th and Blake in lower downtown. Thanks to Dan Daru from Fox 31 for coming in a making milkshakes with me the other morning

Lego mold 2.0

Hush Dinner, a family affair

We cooked our underground dinner at Hush this past Saturday. The best part of the dinner was having so many members of my family there. My beautiful talented wife (yes she is standing behind me) helped me prep 3 days out and cooked and served at the dinner. My dad, with whom I have cooked three James Beard house dinners, manned the makeshift fryer station we set up in the garage. He also coordinated firing the next course when we were doing our table-side work. He brought my talented half sister Kalie along. She is only 13 but I already see that crazy work ethic in her needed to survive in this industry. My sister Rachael and boyfriend Jonah helped with serving and plating We also had the opportunity to make a new friend named Justin Barbour who stopped by just to help out. It was fun cooking some of my old favorites for some new friends and seeing some old friends from my hotel days. Each time I finish a event I think about the lessons I have learned so I won't have to work as hard the next time. I learned some pretty hard lessons with this dinner. Thanks to Phil for having us and Kevin from Colt and Grey for pairing some killer cocktails with our courses


Shrimp and almonds wrapped in phyllo

Whiskey caviar and cream

Buttermilk fried chicken

Corn flan, sous-vide ranch potatoes, coconut gravy

Kettle-corn space foam

Hibiscus-smoked Colorado trout

Compressed apple, yogurt meringue sticks, apple lego

Strawberry yuzu sorbet with olive oil dust

Sous-vide Blank Farms pork belly

148 degree egg, pastrami hash, mustard paper

Chocolate bread pudding

Banana foster ice cream, frozen caramel powder

Miracle fruit party