Sunday, August 3, 2008

Be a faster cook- Learn to play the drums

I have always talked about how food and music go together. The fact that music and food give so much pleasure and how artistic these two mediums are. Thinking back, my playing the drum set through high school really helped me to become a better line cook. It made my hands a lot faster and made me think steps out to set my self up for the next hit. Cooking is the same way, when you work the line you are always thinking 10-12 steps ahead of what you are doing. Trying to remember when the fish went in the oven or when I dropped the pan and is it hot enough. I think I naturally plan for the next step because of music. No doubt the repetitiveness of playing drums has helped me think in a different way. I even keep this drum in my office to hit on. Better the drum then the waitstaff

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