Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tasting menu 48

I am going to revisit cooking food in the earth this week. We will dig a pit at the hotel and roast the salmon in the ground. The white cherry tomatoes came from my garden this week. We had a micro burst at the house yesterday that took out a huge chunk of a tree in our back yard. It was about 6 feet from taking out the garden. I will be working on a new way to document my experiments this week. Writing recipes like a math formula allows you to come up with new combinations of cooking techniques that you normally would not think of.

Tasting menu

Yogurt paper
White cherry tomatoes, olive soil, red pepper jel

Pit roasted salmon
Orzo, whipped lemon, cucumber

Porcini amber
Manchero, bison, smoked grapes

Girl Scout samoas ice cream
Thin mint dippin dots made table side
With liquid nitrogen

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