Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Chefs Wife

This might be the most difficult job in any kitchen. She deals with my crazy dispositions, constant mood swings and hours that are never consistent. I met my wife in culinary school, she looked amazing in that jacket with her shy demeanour. We began to live and work together in a very demanding industry. We would lean on each other to get through the really hard times. I cannot imagine where I would be in my career without her support, she is the reason that I am where I am. It seems like it only gets harder, more hours, more stress but she always finds away to pull me back into the most important thing in this world, my family. Thank you Melissa, I love you

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roberto said...

its the first comment i make in a blog, but you really move me im just getting married next week im chef but in mexico and i met my girl at school too but she is just like yours.
if you ever come to baja write me dowm.