Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cart Menu 3

We will not be doing the street cart next week. We will be shopping and prepping for our Sparkoplis event. We will return to the streets on September 21 at civic center eats and September 22 and 23 at Tiri's garden at 15th and California. Here is the menu for that week


Chai tea $3


Pineapple consommé with frozen pineapple foam $4

Creme brulee

Burned with cappuccino sugar $4

Ice cream sammie

#1 Espresso fudge cookie, whipped marshmallow

caramel ice cream $4

#2 Coconut macaroon, lemon curd, raspberry sorbet $4


Fruit punch with strawberry fizzy pop rocks $1


Raspberry sorbet with Ian’s carbonated lemonade $4

Ice cream

Melissa’s caramel with sea salt crust $4

Space Foam

Chocolate and mint from our garden $3


Hatch chili $3

Yogurt meringue sticks $2

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