Monday, September 20, 2010

Cart Menu 4

This past week was exhausting, I am still wondering how we made it . Here was our schedule:
Saturday-Sparkopolis, Sunday- Nick and Petra's wedding, Monday- Slow foods dinner, Tuesday- Civic center, Wednesday- Tiri's garden, Thursday- Justice league, Friday- Wedding tasting. We took the weekend off to decompress and now we are getting ready for this week. We will be at Civic center on Tuesday and Westword's Dish event on Wednesday night. Here is our cart menu for this week:


Chai tea $3


Chilled red pepper with haystack mountain feta $4

Creme brulee

whole raspberries with raspberry sugar $4

Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn

Black truffle $2

Ice cream sammie

#1 Espresso fudge cookie, whipped marshmallow

caramel ice cream $4


Coconut pineapple with mojito sugar $1


Blueberry pomegranate $4

Ice cream

Melissa’s caramel with sea salt and peanut

butter pop rocks $4

Space Foam

Popcorn $3

Yogurt meringue sticks $2