Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lucky Charms Ice Cream

I read an article recently when Heston from the Fat Duck talked about how are memories effect how we enjoy our meals. It is impossible to know how a persons eating habbits are when they are growing up. What did their mom make for a after school snack? Did their mom like shake and bake or was she more of a griller. I have served a dish to people who swear it taste like something their mom used to make. As chefs we either build a food memory or remind someone of a meal in their past. It is amazing how one meal can effect someone so much. Along those lines lucky charms is a food memory for me. This week we will do a breakfast dessert with this lucky charms ice cream that is garnished with nitro cereal.

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Jonathan and Barb said...

A breakfast ice cream hmmm lol I love it