Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Floating Truffle

Ever since I started cooking I have always thought about floating food. After a gentle nudge from Jason at Westword and a lot of help from Robert Semerad of Theva labs in Germany my dream was reached. I have been like a kid playing with the superconductivity "plate" since it arrived from Germany yesterday.

Robert has baked rare earth metals into this superconducting cube. It is attached to a special plastic plate with glue that can with stand the -320 temperatures of liquid nitrogen. The "plate" is a rare earth magnet ring that levitates on top of the cube when the cold temperature of the superconductor is reached.

Any round food item can sit inside the ring as it turns and spins. It is imposiible to not sit there and stare at it in amasment. How can this be done? I have already had thoughts about eggs, bubble gum, spheres, you name it. Thanks again to Robert for helping me make my dream come true. We will be getting in more "plates" in so our guest can play with their food.



Derek said...

That is truly amazing ... make sure to tell your guests not to try and eat the cube though :)

plinio said...

great job chef! you should do a "floating island"

Anonymous said...

very nice, any chance of others getting floating plates?

Anonymous said...

You know, when you first starting writing about this i was a bit skeptical.

But damn.

damn damn damn.

Nice work.
Way to persevere and stick to a far fetched idea and make it happen.

Proof that our dreams or only as limited as our drive and dedication.