Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color changing food

I was contacted by a bio chem engineer about 3 months ago asking if we would be interested in some free help. I am a sucker for free labor. Ali has helped us in many different ways in a our young company. When he first contacted me he told me of a idea he had to change the color of a soup by simply blowing on it. "It has to do with the acidy and the ph of the liquid" We finally had some time this week to experiment and I am very excited with the results. By simply adding lemon juice we can go from this purple color to this red color

What about a foam on a sashimi plate that would change colors when the lemon is squeezed over the fish. I have had at least 40 different ideas with this new application. We are going to experiment with the soup this week. I love working with new ideas, thanks Ali

Slow foods dinner at Six 89

Here are some pictures from kitchen along with the chicken coupe and herb garden that are located 20 feet from the restaurant door.I had fun meeting and plating with all of the chefs. The pictures have been loaded in reverse starting with the dessert course. The only picture I lack is my course. I was too busy running around making sure it went out perfect. Thanks to Mark Fischer and his amazing staff for treating us so well each and every time we see them