Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eat street filming

We have been asked to be on Eat St., a amazing show on the cooking channel about street food. We will be taping the episode here in Denver on Tuesday, May 31st . Please stop by at 940 Logan Street at the Realeyes building from 11-2 to have a chance to be on national TV and to support our cart

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Balistreri wine dinner

I have a crazy weekend coming up with a wine dinner and private party on Saturday. I had the honor of going to the winery this week and had an amazing tasting with Jessica and her farther who make and bottle all of their wines. The dinner is SOLD OUT, here is the menu for the event:

Spicy lump crab
Compressed spring vegetables in smoked olive oil, 
Avocado gnocchi, Yuzu cubes
Chicken confit
Smoked grapes, Fried sour cream, crispy lavosh
Pinot noir Sorbet
Marinated berries, frozen thyme
Berbere encrusted pork belly
148 degree egg, grilled spinach, Israeli cous cous corbonara
Liquid nitrogen whipped coconut sorbet
Brown sugar braised pineapple and raspberry paper

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Patty Loveless

I had the pleasure of cooking for Patty and her band before a charity concert this past week. I was only there for the bands warm up but those boys from Tennessee can play. Here was their menu:

Crisp spinach with strawberries, goat cheese, curry vinaigrette

Shaved vegetable salad with smoked olive oil, toasted pecans

Jasmine rice with scallions, ginger,sesame oil

Pan seared chicken breast roasted with fresh herbs, garlic, mushrooms

Liquid nitrogen whipped coconut milk sorbet, brown sugar braised pineapple

Aria dinner photos

Had a great time at Aria doing a duel menu with Mike Long. They actually put score cards on the table to see what people liked more, Art or Science. Mike took the first corse with his Scallop clock, he seemed over confident. Fortunately I took the vote on the next 3 plates. I have to admit Mike pulled out all the stops and his food was amazing. Here are the Scallop, Tuna and Tenderloin plates, I did not get a shot of the dessert

Friday, May 6, 2011

The great American food truck race

As I pulled into the commissary yesterday I noticed that the parking lot was full of food trucks. After a little inquiring I found out that the Great American Food Truck Race was taping an episode in town and they were using the lot to get there trucks prepped and ready to go. Speaking of trucks/carts, we will be starting our cart at 17th and California on Monday. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see when we will be out. Here is our menu:


Strawberry with sweet milk $4


Chilled watermelon with Feta and Pecans $4

Creme brulee

Burned with banana foster $5

Ice cream sammie

Chocolate Chip cookie, whipped marshmallow

and Hot fudge ice cream $4


Blueberry mint “kool-aid” with lemon sugar $1


Coconut sorbet with braised brown

sugar pineapple $4

Ice cream

Hot fudge with exploding whipped cream and

peanut butter pop rocks $4

Space Foam

Popcorn $4

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aria dinner

I will be cooking a duel dinner with Mike Long from Aria on Wednesday, May 11. We were lucky enough to have Thrillist Denver do a pre-article about the dinner that you can read about. Mike is talking a lot of smack so come down and see a old fashion whippin


I get contacted by some pretty interested people and companies through this blog, last month Storz and Bickel, the manufactures of the Volcano emailed me. They asked me if I was interested in receiving a free unit, I answered yes of corse. I have read about how Grant uses this unit to extract the lavender smoke he uses in his pillow presentation. I have already tried vanilla with some mixed results, cant wait to go to the spice shop and play around with some different combinations.