Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cart Locations

We have signed up to cook at Civic center eats on Tuesdays along with Tiri's garden at 15th and California on Wednesday's. We would love to see all of our friends come by and support our new concept. Here is our menu this week:

Ginger caramel corn with asian

spiced nuts $3


Mango peach with blackberry pop rocks $4

Ice cream

“Smores” Hot fudge ice cream with burnt

marshmallow and graham cracker $4


Apple pie $1

Creme brulee

Banana foster $4

Ice cream sammie

Espresso hot fudge cookie with whipped

marshmallow and hot fudge ice cream $4

Space foam

Root Beer $3


Coconut with frozen pineapple cream $4

Yogurt meringue bites $2

Slow Foods Dinner at six89

Mark Fischer from Six89 is putting together a amazing dinner on September 13 and has asked the Inventing room to cook a course. He had all the chef's send in a few choices and he made the final menu from that. I am very excited to go up and cook with a few chefs I have been following for years. Here is the menu and the chefs

Sarah beckwith helsey- restaurant montagna at the little nell
anti pasta er marinated vegetable "salad" with home made goat feta

Bryan nelson- pacifica
hiramasa tartare, preserved palisade peaches, rooftop thai basil and chilies

Kelly liken- restaurant kelly liken
chilled sweet corn soup, roasted red pepper-tarragon relish

Bryce orblom- six89
braised north fork fork goat, foraged wild mushroom, house made chevre agnolotti

Ian kleinman- the inventing room
long family pork belly, isreali cous cous carbonara, poached egg, grilled spinach

Frank bananno- mizuna, luca d "italia, bones, osteria marco
roasted beet salad, home made burrata, aged sherry vinaigrette

rob zack-8k at the viceroy snowmass
cheesecake, avalanche chevre, blueberry fritter, salted pistachio brittle

Please check out six89 for details

What a Wednesday

We are still trying to catch up from Wednesday of last week. We debuted the Inventing room cart in the morning and had a catered event at the Governors mansion that night. We began the morning loading my car full of tables, water bottles, tents and whatever else I could fit into it. I drove to commissary and loaded all of my prepped purees, bases and creme brulee into my coolers. Chad, the chef from the Porker cart helped me get my product to the site along with towing our cart. We unpacked and waited to see what would walk up, not a lot but I was OK with that. It was our first time and I had to figure out what went where and if I put this over here it might make it easier. We packed up our cart and the Honda around 3:00 and drove the cart back to the garage. Exhausted, I now had to think about the buffet we needed to have set by 6:00. We made it to the mansion at 4:30 and began to set when we realized our bread had not been delivered. There was a mix up with our order and our menu featured a bread station. Jeff ran to Whole Foods, the bread company sent a emergency delivery and we did what we could until we got slammed around 6:30. It all ended up working out and it was a really fun event.
Our menu included:
Bread bar with hummus, olive tamponade and spinach artichoke dip
Grilled marinated vegetable kabobs from the chefs garden
Colorado sweet wine sorbet bar
Merlot space foam

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jennifer and Peter's wedding

We had a amazing time cooking Jennifer and Pete's menu that included beef tongue bruschetta, mint and chicken wrapped in phyllo and pork belly sliders. It was an honor being a part of such a colorful ceremony and meeting such wonderful people. Here was our vodka bar that included nitrogen frozen vodka lemonade, blackberry nitrogen shots and a peanut butter cup martini with a peanut butter pop rock rim

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Inventing room cart debut

We will be making our debut at Tiri's garden on Wednesday August 25th at 15th and California. The cart will feature 7-8 categories that will change daily according to seasonality. I am really looking forward to bringing our vision of street food to fruition. We can talk until we are blue in the face but the bottom line is people need to try what we are doing, you can't explain space foam no matter how hard you try. Here is our opening menu, no item will be over $4. Please come down and grab some treats, there are some amazing street vendors that will be gathering from 11-3

Chilled black cherry soup with apple

creme fraiche


Tomato and basil Kettle corn $3


Peanut butter sorbet with chocolate pop rocks


Vanilla ice cream with 1 topping

Banana foster, Colorado peach,

Hot fudge exploding whipped cream,

Whipped marshmallow, Melissa’s caramel,

Organic strawberries, Vanilla sugar $1 add on


Double chocolate cookie, marshmallow

vanilla bean ice cream


vanilla bean, cappuccino or lemon raspberry sugar $4


Root Beer



Summer strawberry with condensed milk


Mango peach

A kid in a candy factory

We took the kids to Hammond's in Denver for one last trip before school starts. They have a tour where you can watch the candy being cooked, pulled, folded and flavored into some amazing confections. The best thing they make is called a vanilla caramel. It is a whipped marshmallow encased chewy caramel. You can buy a bag of rejected marshmallow carmel that is block of goodness, we have been cutting off chunks since we got home. Here are some pictures of where I want to be buried

This is where they take different flavors and colors and pull them into the sugar. They make #50 batches that will be pulled into hard candies such as ribbon candy or candy canes. The brown block is wrapped in a layer of white

The white candy was then cut into sections and placed onto the green sheet

The green sugar was rolled around the white blocks

The sugar block is then placed in this machine that rotates the sugar on the canvas while a propane lid keeps the sugar pliable so they can pull it into any shape they want. The tour is free and they give out candy, do I have to twist your arm anymore?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have you kissed your dishwasher today?

I miss my dishwasher. The last 4 years I was spoiled at a hotel where there was a team of stewards that did all of the cleaning for us. Now I find myself soaked from head to toe after a good battle with the dishwasher after a catered event. My advice( if your dishwasher is worth keeping) is to grill up a good steak, crack open a nice beer and thank your dishwasher at the end of their shift because you don't want to end up wet and stinky

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The cart

I have been trying to finish up some projects this week so I can concentrate on getting our street cart up and running. We will have 8 or 9 choices everyday ranging from creme brulee to gazpacho. No item will be over 4 dollars. We are still looking for a private land owner that will let us park our cart on their property, preferably someone downtown or in the tech center with lots of foot traffic. Please email us if you know of anyone who is interested. Here is our stripped down cart. I will work on some decals this week along with our inspection so we can be up and running. Please visit our cart menu at Thanks to the waffle brothers for letting me use their cart.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six89 Beer

When we were up in Carbondale doing the Mountain fair we fortunate to get to know John Little the sous chef at Six89. John brewed these beers (pictured with our dog Aspen) in house. They also do some incredible work with local farmers and do a lot of growing themselves including all their herbs and eggs. I can't wait to try them this weekend

Monday, August 2, 2010


We have a amazing event coming up on September 11. Sparkopolis is a fund raiser for front range libraries. The new Wright Farms location at 120th and Holly will be transformed into a interactive light and food show. We will have creation stations where you will be able to build your own dishes. Garnish your Colorado tamale with creative toppings, make whiskey caviar for a shot our build a banana split with pineapple bubbles, exploding whipped cream and carbonated cherries. We are even growing the produce for the event in our garden as we speak. Tickets are $75 a piece and we hope you come out and support this amazing concept