Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 coats-1 new, 1 old

Its funny how we end up with all of the random coats we have hanging in our closet. I have managed to keep at least 1 coat around from the last 10 restaurants I have worked in since I was 14. This week I was truly honored to be named a chef of distinction at Johnson and Whales University. On Wednesday I gave a demo on molecular cooking and made a few dishes including a shrimp sheet with ricotta, lemon and charcoal oil. Thanks to the President, instructors and chef Jorge for making me feel so welcome. The other coat came to me after a hectic day of running around prepping for hush. I ended up down at the Westin tabor center needing to compress some celery, the chef lets me use his machine in a pinch. All I had on was a dirty t-shirt and I could not walk the halls with everyone else in uniform. I asked a manager for a coat to use and out popped Scott Burnham coat. Apparently not many people liked him, I had some interesting conversations in the elevator. As I was driving home I noticed I had walked out with the coat so if you know Scott tell him I have something for his closet.

Stuart middle school demo

I was out in Commerce City this morning giving a demo to the chemistry students who excelled this year in their studies. Were quickly approaching summer and the schools have been calling like crazy. We had lots of great questions about the states of matter- liquid, gas and solids. I have noticed that the girls tend to ask questions about science and the boys ask how they can blow stuff up and shatter things. I am so glad I have daughters. Thank you to the students for making me this great banner.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hush Menu

First corse

Grilled shrimp carpaccio, dried chilies, carbonated citrus cells, charcoal oil, peeled cherry tomatoes and cilantro


Fried chicken consomme, buttermilk dippin dots, peeled and compressed celery, cornbread foam


Coconut milk sorbet with braised pineapple, strawberry champagne jelly and

vanilla bubbles made table side


Sous vide Tasmanian pepper encrusted sirloin in butter and tarragon, smoked milk pudding, siracha cubes, candy cane carrots and demi glace caviar


Flexible white chocolate with nutella powder, liquid nitrogen malted ice cream, exploding whipped cream and peanut butter pop rocks

Miracle fruit tasting

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hush Dinner 2.0

I am doing another dinner with HUSH on April 22,23 and 24 that will include 5 courses and a miracle fruit tasting at the end of the meal. There are limited seats, 40 on Friday, 80 Saturday in two settings and 40 on Sunday. We will publish the menu in the next week. The menu will feature some fun new techniques like color changing lemon bubbles. We have not done a dinner in a while and it would be nice to see everyone again!!Click here for details