Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Menu

We have started a new menu here at the hotel with some major changes to our menu format. We have cut our menu by 40% changing most of what we have done in the past. Our tasting menu will now be offered for 2 weeks instead of one and we will now offer it 4 days a week Wednesday through Saturday. With a smaller menu you can produce better plate presentations. Our new chef is all about quality, a trait I admire. We have no more mixed greens rather a array of baby greens to garnish plates. All of our tomatoes are heirloom giving lots of color and flavor to salads. With new ingredients and some molecular technology, I am very excited about this menu.Here is a list of some of our dishes:

Lump crab cake, avocado relish, salt water bubbles

Crispy shrimp, Mexican papaya salad, ginger caviar

Compressed apples and beets, goat chesse vinaigrette, puffed wheat

Berbere rubbed pork belly, Israeli cous cous carbonara, 148 degree egg

Lemon grass salmon, blue crab rice, wasabi pop rocks