Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner at Hush

Hush, a new underground super club opened for its first dinner on Saturday night. The first dinner was performed by a team from right outside of Chicago. Geoff Rhyne was our chef and the restaurant is called Sugartoad. The dinner was held in a contemporary warehouse which is home to Studio Como, a modern European design store that has some very cool furniture and kitchen sets. We showed up around 7:00 not knowing what we were going to eat or who we would be eating with that night. I think that was the exciting part of the evening, not knowing what was coming next.

Chef Geoff is know for getting a whole animal in, breaking it down and using all of it through out his menu. This was the first event at this venue so he had some obstacles to overcome. It is hard enough to walk into a foreign kitchen and cook but to be the first chef to cook at this concept was a added challenge. Geoff also arrived in Denver a day late because of the blizzard that hit Chicago. That is the mark of a great chef. No matter what is thrown your way, you always find a way to get the food out the best way you know how. You have to just do it so you can learn from the experience so it will be a little easier the next time. They did a amazing job. I think the shaved lamb heart was my favorite course.

The brainchild behind Hush is Phil Armstrong, not the cyclist but a man that is very dedicated about bringing a different food experience to people here in Denver. You got to have some balls to pull this off. Ever thrown a dinner party for 10 friends? Multiply that by 10, fly in the chef team and entertain them, find the food, wine, plates, glasses, etc... Phil and his team did a great job with this event and I look forward to attending other dinners at Hush.

The Menu, or what I can remember

Lamb tar tar with potato crisps

Sweet breads with curry and cauliflower puree

"Not pictured"
Soft boiled fried egg with shaved lamb heart and baby bibb

Lamb roulade with house made lamb sausage wrapped in caul fat with bean ragout

Lamb bacon doughnuts with goat eggnog

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