Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye Jason

We are loosing a great food writer this week. Jason Sheehan, a longtime friend and food critic from Westword will be moving to work in Seattle. Jason has been the person that has really pushed me through the last couple of years. It was a article he wrote about the fact that we don't have a food pill yet that made me think about some food fantasies that I had. The "Floating Plate" was set into motion after reading his article. The thought of Jason walking into your restaurant and giving you a bad review elevated chefs cooking in the area. I think Denver has made a giant leap since Jason became our James Beard winning author. He has pushed us to be better, no matter if you agree with him or not, the guy can tell a story and I will miss reading it every week.
Good luck Jason


Michael Natkin said...

... and welcome Jason, to Seattle! We are losing Jonathan Kauffman to SF, who is a terrific writer and has similarly contributed to our food scene. Looking forward to seeing what Jason will bring to our tables.

Servlet said...

Hear, hear. I'll miss his words.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago you prepared a magnificent lunch for my foodie group, the FEDUPs. We still talk about it. We, too, will miss Jason. And...we miss you, Ian.
All best,
Stephen Crout