Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tasting menu 58

We have a very busy week ahead. I am doing a demo on Fox news in the morning. We have the legacy foundation event here at the hotel on Friday. We have a separate 125 person dinner that we are handling in a banquet room on Saturday. I also have the passed app course at Strings for Project pave on Sunday. We are beginning to work on some Fall menus this week.

Smoked olive oil poached line caught tuna
Black garlic pesto, macadamia nuts, pea shoots

Roasted plum vinaigrette sheet
Portabella, dry corn powder, mache

NY wrapped tenderloin
Blueberry, pumpkin au gratin, chocolate

Sugar poached egg on French toast
Lucky charms ice cream
Made table side with liquid nitrogen

Coconut bubble gum

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