Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Restaurant Week

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I hate you. In theory you seem like a good thing, a chance for people to try restaurants that they have not before. This is where your fun stops. Your days are long with prep and nights are full of ass kicking. Your friends are very demanding and seem like they only like to be your pal during this week. Let them know that when the dinning room gets busy that it will generally be loud. If your friends are looking for a romantic dinner, restaurant week may not be the time. Also if you could mention that we are doing some molecular techniques on the menu. If they want floating islands or miracle fruit gum, we offer our menu on Thursday, Friday's or Saturday's. I would like to be everything for you but lets be realistic. In closing thanks for back dooring me for another week. I look forward to all of our time together.
My wife would like to thank you for letting me spend so much time with you
Thanks again
Chef Ian Kleinman


chad said...

true dat.

Cosmos Kitchen said...

Japp. My restaurant week starts on Sunday and it's going to be brutal, I even developed a twitch in my left eye that I got last year from restaurant week.

ClaireWalter said...

As a customer, I'm really sorry that restaurant week is so tough on the kitchen. Your pain is our gain. My husband and I, usually with some friends, always visit two or three restaurants during both Denver Restaurant Week and First Bite Boulder. For us, it's a budget-stretcher. For you, it sounds as if you might be carried out on a stretcher. Seriously, please know that your hard work is appreciated.

Claire @