Saturday, December 5, 2009

Introducing The Inventing Room Catering

As most of you know, I parted ways with O’s a few weeks back and it’s all good. After a nice break with my family, I’m back to playing with liquid nitrogen and dreaming of new flavor combinations and textures . I’ve formed a new Denver catering company: The Inventing Room. It’s named after the place where Willy Wonka thought up his sweetest concoctions.

The Inventing Room team will provide one-of-a-kind food experiences for holiday parties, corporate gatherings and celebrations with family, friends and foodies. We can do ice cream parties for up to 1000 attendees with incredibly creamy scoops made-to-order with liquid nitrogen

If you sampled the molecular dinners I did at O’s, you know we can do dozens of flavors, everything from Caramel with Sea Salt, and Roasted Pineapple ice cream and our famous Peanut Butter sorbet. We bring along the best toppings, treats like fresh fruit, tres leches cake, and “shattered” whip cream. We can even do vegan, gluten-free ice cream made with coconut milk.

For even more entertainment, The Inventing Room also offers “miracle fruit” taste experiences. The miracle fruit is a unique berry that can alter your taste buds for about 45 minutes during which sour foods taste sweet.

For informal corporate meetings, we can provide kettles of our critically acclaimed soups from Loaded Baked Potato to Sweet English Pea and Rosemary with great breads.

Now you can also enjoy molecular catering in your home. I can customize a

four-course menu from the wide range of cool dishes I served at the restaurant.

Anybody up for a Blue crab benedict, Sous-vide caramel carrots, Compressed heirloom tomatoes , Guinness gelee, or a s'more spring roll with smoked sea salt ice cream?

Thanks to everyone for all their support of my cooking at O’s and in the past.I look forward to feeding you again. If you’re interested in The Inventing Room,

give me a call at 303-319-2592 or e-mail me at

Website coming soon

“You see, all of my most secret inventions are cooking and simmering in (The Inventing Room).”

- from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)


ClaireWalter said...

Hooray! It's good news for Denver area foodies that you'll be inventing. Best of luck with it.

Claire @

sam said...

Nice Blog.

David said...

Sounds great. Your upscale catering will do very well in Denver.

Nate P said...

Good on you Ian! Sounds like a great idea. I have been toying with playing around with some simpler molecular stuff myself but haven't got fully pimped out yet for home. Good luck with the new venture and I may have to ping you (or read some old posts) with some questions.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chef Ian, sounds great and I wish you all the success that I'm sure you will find. All the best - Mike Wurster

Jacob Harkins said...

Congrats Ian!!! Good luck with the new venture.

John Beldock - Erico Motorsports said...

1. Went to the Street Food Fair on Thursday night.
2. Got some fantastic desert from the Inventors.
3. Kid immediately drops her cone in the dirt.
4. The rescue/replacement was there before I could turn around.

Not only are the inventions spectacular, the humanity is refreshing.

Thank you for saving my little girl's life guys. We can't wait to try your treats again!