Monday, June 7, 2010

The Miracle fruit cookbook

I have been working with the miraclefruitman for the past couple years developing recipes and even helping him present at the New York Academy of Science with Harold Mcgee. We recently started working on a cookbook of recipes to use with the fruit. It has been very interesting learning how you can manipulate a recipe to taste exactly like the original while on the influence of this fruit. The challenge is to make recipes with no sugar, sugar substitutes, low in fat, healthy, no salt and have a 14 day shelf life. The miracle fruit currently is used primarily for entertainment. The goal is to open it up to different markets that can benefit from the fruit. Examples include giving kids meals that have no sugar but taste sweet, diabetics that can experience a sweet sensation with out any sugar or giving chemo patients a appetite that is lost during the radiation process. Here are a few recipes we are working on: pineapple kumquat salsa, bloody marry, citrus frog loly, rice cake cookies and lemon lime push pops


Dave said...

Love love to have a copy!!! any idea when it will be out? send me an email when its ready: webmaster (at antispam) I am a super fan of Miracle Fruit


Angel said...

Amazing. You're working with the miracle fruit man himself. I'll definitely be checking back and eagerly awaiting that cookbook. I've collated recipes from around the web on my own miracle fruit blog. I feel like a mad scientist, always looking for something to try.