Friday, May 6, 2011

The great American food truck race

As I pulled into the commissary yesterday I noticed that the parking lot was full of food trucks. After a little inquiring I found out that the Great American Food Truck Race was taping an episode in town and they were using the lot to get there trucks prepped and ready to go. Speaking of trucks/carts, we will be starting our cart at 17th and California on Monday. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see when we will be out. Here is our menu:


Strawberry with sweet milk $4


Chilled watermelon with Feta and Pecans $4

Creme brulee

Burned with banana foster $5

Ice cream sammie

Chocolate Chip cookie, whipped marshmallow

and Hot fudge ice cream $4


Blueberry mint “kool-aid” with lemon sugar $1


Coconut sorbet with braised brown

sugar pineapple $4

Ice cream

Hot fudge with exploding whipped cream and

peanut butter pop rocks $4

Space Foam

Popcorn $4

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's roaring, crackling, popping, brilliant downtown success.