Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tasting menu 7

We have a board meeting this week for our new management company so I am starting production early. We had a Robert hall wine dinner last night. Everything went great except the sou-vide ribeye. We do not have a circulator yet so we tried to check temperature and stir the product every half hour or so. We had to many temperature fluctuations and the meat went bad. We had to start over again. We then cooked the ribeye sou-vide at a hotter temputure then what I would have liked. It was just ok. I will not try any more sou-vide until I get a circulator.

Tasting menu 11-12-07

Fried baby artichokes with Warm Parmesan mayo
And elephant garlic chips

Smoked goulda consommé with sour cream noodles
And Roasted Colorado potatoes

Salmon wrapped scallops with edamame gnocchi
And a burnt onion cream

Yuzu quince pound cake with blueberry
Carmel ice cream made table side with liquid nitrogen

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