Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tasting Menu 9

I finally got a few days this week to spend with my family. When I am away from my kitchen is when I come up with my best ideas. I made a simple tuna casserole for lunch and was thinking of ways to make it new. I had set out a couple of lexons in my back yard this week hoping to catch some snow. I did a event in 97 in Kona Hawaii called cuisines of the sun. I got to work with Alan Wong, Mark Peel, Norman Van Aken and Nancy Silverton just to name a few. One of the coolest tricks I picked up was at a small grill that was right on the beach. They went right over to the ocean and scooped out some water to be the poaching liquid for the night. Being a mountain boy I always wanted to try it with snow. The snow I collected melted into a very pure water that I will flavor with sea salt and poach the tuna for this weeks tasting menu

Tasting Menu

French onion Panini with a tomato cloud
And mustard oil powder

Warm jellyfish with grilled cantelope and honeydew
And sweet soy caviar

“Tuna Casserole”
Snow poached tuna with smoked egg noodles
English pea chips and wild mushroom yogurt

Doughnut ice cream with Kahlua gelee
And coffee oil dust made tableside with liquid nitrogen

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