Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tasting menu 37

I am very busy this week with the planning of the media client party. It should be a great event. We did a photo shoot for the Rocky Mountain News a couple days ago. They are doing an article for fathers day and got a few shots of me and my dad. My father is a culinary instructor and is the reason I got into this business. Our garden is starting to produce some amazing arugula and bok choy that I will feature on the menu this week

Tasting menu

Smoked peppered Spanish mackerel
63 C quail egg, agave cream, acorn squash

Crisp camembert
Grilled tomatoes, freeze dried corn, balsamic foam

Lime vodka nitro foam

Sou-vide New York
Crimini marshmallow, butter powder, Asian salad Bruschetta

Tres leches
Cinnamon pecan ice cream made tableside with liquid nitrogen

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