Sunday, June 29, 2008

Soft silicon molds

I have found that this style of cooking requires a lot of different molds. It is impossible to find a flat sheet tray in this hotel. When I pour my product onto a surface it is hard to get a even shape and it is even harder to cut. The answer is having molds that are the exact shape you want. I have been thinking about doing a Lego dish for a couple months now. I needed to make my own molds to pour different Lego flvors. I ordered the soft silicon mold set from Albert Uster. It was around $100. It allows me to cast any shape that I want. The directions are simple. It takes about 3 days to produce a final mold. My first attempt is this dice cube. I needed to mix a little more silicon but I have a few ideas for this mold


Anonymous said...

would the soft silicone work for sugar work?

chefian said...

Yes it will. I have pate fruit in the molds and it worked just fine. Liquid nitrogen is the only thing I cannot use. It is too cold, they break pretty quick