Sunday, August 3, 2008

Isomalt light bulb

We were doing this as a garnish for out crispy coconut ice cream with rum marshmallow. We stopped doing it in the summer because it is too humid here. You can extend the shelf like by putting it in a air tight container with limestone. The limestone draws out the moisture giving you a few more hours of life.

Heat the isomalt and water to 310 degrees and pour into a metal ring on a silt pad
Let it sit for 2 minutes.

Slowly pull the ring up to get the candle form

The finished product is placed over the dessert. The guest shatters the bulb and it will rain some crispy sugar on the dessert


chadzilla said...

That's the same method that Torreblanca uses to encase olive oil in sugar. Just using a smaller ring, and a buttload of patience.
We saw Jose Andres' chef, Katsuya, making them to order last year for a reception for a few hundred chefs... that's insane. What a bad-ass!

Chicken Fried Gourmet said...

That is so cool, I have tried to duplicate Minibar's olive oil bon bons but I have not had much luck