Monday, August 25, 2008

Tasting menu 51

First day of DNC. So far it has been smooth at the hotel. I have always wanted to do a creative meatball and pasta dish. We have some amazing produce right now on the western slope of Colorado. Peaches, Rocky ford melons and Olathe corn to name a few. The cool nights and hot summers in the valley create this very rich sweet flavor in these vegetables.

Alaskan king crab
Passion fruit film, poached fruits, fennel mousse

Quail egg quiche
Black truffle, onion confit, apple syrup

Mojito space foam

Tomato sauce stuffed meatball
Mozzarella sheets, pasta puree, Goats milk parmesan

Colorado western slope peaches
Sangria syrup, mascarpone ice cream made tableside
With liquid nitrogen

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