Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marinara stuffed meatballs

Certainly one of the best savory applications for liquid nitrogen is being able to freeze a liquid and put it into the middle of something. Here we will freeze a sauce and place it in the middle so when the guest pierces it with a fork, a rich red marinara will run out.

Steaming will set the activa so when the meatball is warmed, the marinara will stay inside.


700g pork butt, 700g ground beef, 70g roasted garlic puree

160g small dice onion and celery sauteed, 80g mayploy, 25g salt

30g parsley chopped, 17g activa, 8g pepper, 100g eggs

Mix all ingredients and chill overnight. Freeze small balls of marinara in liquid nitrogen.

Roll the meat around the marinara and place in plastic wrap and steam for 4 minutes

Roll in bread crumbs and sear in oil. Bring the temperature up slowly in a 250 degree oven

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