Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tasting menu 49

It is really crazy for me right now, even posting menus has become a struggle. We are getting ready for the Democratic National Convention. The day before the confrence starts we have the Green Bay Packers. Our roll is still up in the air as far as who and when we are going to be feeding people. We know it will be crazy for breakfast and late night at the very least.

White soba noodles
Jelly fish, roasted peppers, toasted nori cream

Heirloom tomatoes 10 ways
Marshmallow, granita, sushi, glass, confit,
Inverted Bruschetta, fata paper, clarified, sou-vide, candied

Roasted lemon
Peppered chicken, brown butter powder, crispy garden squash

Black pearl tapioca
Coffee jelly, condensed milk ice cream
Made table side with liquid nitrogen

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