Friday, May 1, 2009

TV Show Idea

Two words Chef Swap. Take a fry cook and put him on the line at the French Laundry or put Thomas Keller in a Elementary school cafeteria for the day. That would be good TV


chad said...

... or we could Paula Deen or the Neely's in a real kitchen and watch them flop around like fish out of water.

Susan said...

I can be on the next plane. Only problem, I'm a lunch lady at a high school.

Chef Mike W said...

Tony Bourdaine did it on his show by putting Eric Ripert on the grill at Les Halles, was hysterical and Eric rocked the station with Tony in the Weeds on saute. How bout this one I thought of - get 10 chefs to send the worst cook they have ever seen to compete (Top Chef) style to find the Worst Cook in the US. Each week eliminate the best cook all the while the cooks think their stuff is tight - right up to the final and the label "Worst Cook"

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