Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tating menu 16

Had a few days off this week to spend with my girls and my wife. Working on a side project for a friend that is going well. I just got the morimoto cook book. He has some amazing ideas and pictures in his book. When I did the Aspen food and wine festival this last year I got to meet Morimoto and Jean Jeorge,Two of my favorite chefs. The candy salmon technique came from his book with the liquid nitrogen ice cream from our kitchen. Should be a very busy week in hotel. People are starting to travel for business again

Tasting menu

Grilled tuna
Yuzu fruit cocktail, avocado foam

Vegetable tasting
Beet gelee, peeled grape tomatoes, crispy cauliflower,
warm mushrooms in sage Parsnip fries, dried sweet corn sheets

Asian pollen dusted tenderloin tempura
Roasted eggplant, dandelion reduction

Candy Salmon
Crème Frâiché ice cream made tableside with liquid nitrogen

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