Sunday, January 27, 2008

Valentines day 08

I always use the same ingredients when I write the menu for Valentines day. These ingredients have been proven to get the sparks flying if you know what I mean. They are cocoa, asparagus, almonds, avacado, chilies, chocolate, figs, honey and oysters. We will offer our regular dinner menu with these specials:


White Asparagus
Grilled oyster, cotija, warm walnut mayo


Alaskan crab bisque
Tarragon, Fig caviar, Fig air


Sou-vide Maine lobster
Chili, honey consommé, avocado gnocchi


Rose pedal syrup
Sexy fruit, almonds, piped chocolate

1 comment:

chadzilla said...

before you go to print... it's sous-vide (with an 's' at the end) and rose petals (pedals are for putting the pedal to the metal... which you might be doing already... rose petals in a metal pan (could be cool for menu terminology).