Friday, May 23, 2008

Media client party June 10th

Music and food go together like food and wine. We listen to music when we eat and chefs usually have a radio blaring in the kitchen.We get lost in it, it takes away from the circus we live everyday. When I was a kid I worked at a restaurant that always had classic rock on. If you did not know the song the other cooks would give you a load of shit. You listened. learned and would be able to scream out Zeppelin or the Dead when it came on. I have always wanted to pair a song with a dish. I am finally going to try it for this media event. We are going to set flat screens in each station with the video and the song playing. The guest will finish off each dish giving a play full quality to the event. We are going to send everyone home with a I tunes gift card and a musical recipe they can make at home.

Musical menu

Pour Some Sugar on Me
Def Leppard
Grilled crimini with celery root dynamite and togarashi brulee
Guest uses small torch to fire their brulee

Corn Flake Girl
Tori Amos
Cornflake and cashew tempura shrimp with avocado aioli and siracha caviar
Guest makes caviar by dropping balls with a syringe into calcium chloride

Proudest Monkey
Dave Mathews
Barramundi wrapped in banana leaf with tempura banana and ponzu noodles
Guest makes there own noodle by squeezing syringe into hot water

Cold as Ice
Carrot cake dippin dots with cream cheese ice cream
Guest will drop dippin dots into liquid nitrogen

Bar songs with custom molecular drinks
Red Red wine
Tequila sunrise
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

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