Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tasting menu 36

Have a very busy June coming up. We are doing Taste of the Nation at the Westin downtown on Sunday. You have 10 guest that you cook table side for and you can pretty much do anything you want. My celebrity sous chef is Mark Randall. He is a ex NBA player and played for the Kansas Jayhawks, my favorite basketball team. We are also doing a media event on the 10th and a charity event and Denver's zoo on the 19th.

Tasting menu

“Slow cooked “tenderloin
Cognac, grapes, buttered leeks

Homemade sausage
Feta jelly, crispy eggplant skin, tomatoes

Yuzu nitro foam

Hollandaise stuffed shrimp
Perrier batter, champagne caviar, truffle puree

Blueberry waffle
Maple ice cream made table side with liquid nitrogen

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Anonymous said...

Just had this tonight...Yum. For those who haven't tried Ian's cooking, get down to the Westin. We were fans of his cooking at the late great Hilltop in Golden. The Tenderloin is to die for...And the Yuzo foam has great flavor. It's really dry (Just like a cold winter day produces dry snow I suppose) and has a great pure flavor. We will be back!!