Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tasting menu 35

Took a trip to Kansas the last couple days. Thank god my mom can cook, there is not a lot of good restaurants out that way. The best meal we had was at the Topeka airport. I guess people like to watch the plains come in while they eat. It is certainly a whole different pace from my life here. My cousin and her husband have started to raise Angus cattle. Next trip out I am going to check out the farm and see if they could support a small place if I should ever open one.

Tasting menu

Sesame snapper
Dashi, edamame noodles, cinnamon

Tandori grilled salmon
Cucumber gellee, Greek yogurt, rose pedals

Organic chicken-tenderloin steak
Hunter sauce emulsion, leek, skinned tomato

German chocolate ice cream
Coconut dippin dots, pecans, chocolate ice cream
Made tableside with liquid nitrogen

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