Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Smoked Milk Pudding

We have been doing a lot of smoking since we got our smoking gun. I like trolling through our drug free work environment here at the hotel with a giant bowl and lighter, I get some pretty classic second looks. We have had some great success smoking liquids. For the menu this week I wanted to create a creamy texture to go along with our Kobe steak this week.
1.2 Qt Milk smoked with cherry wood
2 oz Sugar
1 Tbl. Salt
2 Tbl. Cornstarch
3 ea Egg yolks

Place the milk and salt in a saucepan and scold on high heat. Whisk the eggs and cornstarch together. Temper the eggs with the cream and return to the stove. Cook on medium heat until thickened.

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