Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Vertical Table Prototype

I received my rare earth magnets in the mail the other day for our superconductivity dish. As I was playing with these extremely power full magnets I wondered how else I could use them. I decided I wanted to build a table setting that did not take up a lot of room. I found a metal rod and attached it to a wood base. (For the finished table setting, the rod would be drilled into the middle of the table). We first melted a candle and reformed it with a magnet inside. We also moved the wick so it would burn on a angle. I then filled salt and pepper shakers with nuts so they would stick to our pole. In my next design I will have little metal bowls with tiny wooden spoons to remove the salt and pepper. I then attached some fresh cut flowers and some flat bread. Think about how much room is taken up by all these items. You could have smaller tables in your restaurant, more seats, more revenue. The downside- anyone with a metal plate or a pacemaker.