Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tim The Line Cook

I have a cook named Tim on my morning line. Tim has been to a few too many Gratefull Dead shows if you know what I mean. There is always something going on with him, this week he has been taking part in a sleeping disorder study. He takes lots of pain pills and sometimes it is amazing that his food hits the window. Tim came to work on Sunday just like he always does. This week we had a few people out so we had to schedule him for a different shift. This is the message he left for the chef on Sunday:

"Chef this is Tim Harris, it is Sunday morning and I went to work because you changed the schedule and did not tell me about it. I am suppose to be off Monday Tuesday not Sunday Monday. I am really pissed off about this. You owe me $5 dollars for gas."

I cannot tell you how hard I laughed the first time I heard this

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p.sheerin said...

Sounds familiar. My employees are union, so when I wrote someone up for a no call/no show they tried to file a grievance because no one verbally asked them to change their schedule, although it had been posted 10 days out.