Friday, January 23, 2009

Bison Confrence

I had a great time doing a demo for the bison conference this past week. I did it with Robert Long, a rancher from Halltown Missouri and the Flintrock bison ranch. He talked about how they smoke 1/2 carcasses of buffalo under their ham so the buffalo can absorb the fat and flavors of the ham. He has a huge facility that raises, slaughters, and processes meat. My part of the demo was explaining how different cooking methods can yield some amazing textures. The best conversation we had was about how sous-vide could help him in his operation. His biggest concern is listeria. Listeria is a food air borne illness. If you do sous-vide correctly you can portion, cook, cool and ship all in the same package, the product will never be exposed. It would also save him in labor and would help his consistency. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and learning about all of the care they put in to their side of the industry, and the buffalo they brought was amazing