Saturday, January 3, 2009

look Ma I am a Top Chef

One of my regular tasting menu customers came in tonight and told me he saw my photo on the Top Chef website. He told me to go to season 5 on Hosea's photo page. Sure enough there is a photo of me making liquid nitrogen sorbet for a wine tasting I had here a few months ago.( It is the 5th photo on the page) I have no head in the picture but it is my coat, table set up, restaurant, everything. I will have to give Hosea some shit when I talk to him next time.

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ClaireWalter said...

This makes me chuckle. As a writer, I often refer to big publications' legions of fact checkers as "fact wreckers," because they often make all sorts of assumptions w/ little knowledge and take a correct fact and make it wrong. It seems as if Bravo TV has fact wreckers of its own. I'm guessing that they somehow got hold of a series of photographs from that wine tasting, saw a bald Colorado chef, added 2+2 and got 5.

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