Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

We had a great New Years eve last night. We did around 175 in the dinning room and another 100 in room service. I did a few molecular specials on our price fix menu last night. Shane, our pantry chef took a lot of pictures from service last night. Unfortunately only 1 of the 20 pictures he took was actually in focus. This is a grilled tropical fruit plate with ginger sabayon.
It was hilarious coming in this morning seeing how all the drunk people parked their cars all over the private drive. We have 500 spots about 100 feet away but why walk when you can park on the side walk?

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chadzilla said...

This used to be one of the strange pleasures of working in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Coming in early and watching the tourist stumble around like amateur drinkers, doing things that they will never tell the folks back home about.
Of course, it didn't have to be New Year's Eve as this would happen on a daily basis. It would have been much more enjoyable without that aroma of dumpster smell permeating from the pavement everywhere.
Happy New Year, Ian. Don't float yourself away.