Friday, July 4, 2008

Agar crepe

I have always been fascinated reading el bulli. How does he get these amazing thin textures. In one recipes he says that they use a piece of wood that has had a 1/8 inch removed in the middle and treated for food. I began to think about how crepes are made. We ladle cold batter into a hot pan creating a thin texture. I decided to try it but in reverse. I filled a nonstick pan with LN to get it very cold. I then made a mixture of prickly pear puree and .45% agar. Agar takes longer to set then gellan and carrageenan. The non stick pan did not allow the agar to stick in the crepe form.

I then tried it with a aluminium pan. After the crepe set I carefully cut around the sides with a knife and pulled the crepe out.

I made a white chocolate whipped cream that I piped into the center and rolled it up. We garnished with some fresh fruit and mint

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Anonymous said...

There is another way to do this using Sodium alginate and calcium chloride.Spread a thin layer of puree enhanced with alginate on an acetate sheet and then using a squirt bottle spray a calcium chloride solution on to the puree. Flip the now partially set puree over and spray the other side with calcium chloride. Rinse the set sheet and it is very pliable and fairly strong.