Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miracle fruit gum

I will serve this gum and some sours for the final course tonight. My GM and Banquet captain tried the fruit yesterday. I swear people turn 10 years old when they try it. I also get a lot of comments on how it reminds them of the 60's, you pop something and get a far out experience.
Here is the link to buy the gum base and glycerin
1/3 cup Gum base

1/2 cup Powder sugar

2 tbl. Corn syrup

1 tsp. Glycerin

1/4 tsp. Citric acid

40 grams Miracle fruit powder
Place gum base, corn syrup, glycerin and citric acid in a microwavable bowl. Place on high heat for 1 minute. Place the powder sugar in a mound on a wooden board. Mix the hot gum mixture and pour it on the sugar. Kneed the gum until all the powder sugar is Incorporated. At the very end kneed in the miracle powder. Roll into a snake and cut


Martin said...

Is there any way you could make your own gum base?

Corey O'Connor said...

Do you have a preferred source for the miracle berries? I've been wanting to throw a miracle berry "flavored" cocktail party but have had no luck getting a good supply.


Travis G. Grimler said...

Con sarn you. You stole my idea. How did it work out?