Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sugar crystals

When I was a kid I use to walk to the drug store in Breckenridge. I would pick up a sugar crystal stick and eat it as I skipped rocks at the lake. I love the sweet crunchy texture. The basic property is to supersaturate a solution with sugar. This is done by slowly adding sugar to water until it won't take any more. You then place a stick secured by twine and tape into a glass container.
The key is to make sure the wooden skewer does not touch the sides. It takes a while for the finished product to grow- about 2 weeks for a small stick. We made this sugar crystal stick with black tea. I will check the progress in a couple of days

550 grams Water
50 grams Black tea
1650 grams Sugar


DLO said...

Very cool little trick

Clay said...

It such a nice trick. When I was a child I liked sugar crystals a lot. But it is so hard to find today. I hope I could make it. I really love the taste.