Friday, December 28, 2007

Rocky mountain news

Marty called from the rocky mountain news asking for some molecular picks. These are the dishes I came up with. We have also had travel magazine, wine country international, dinning out and the boulder daily camera up the last couple weeks with articles coming out in January.

Strawberry daiquiri and banana rum dippin dots

Beet vinaigrette sphere with balsamic goat cheese, roasted vegetables and carrot/watercress puree


Anonymous said...

What combination of sweetners do you use for your spheres? We've tried glucose but havent been able to get them to be not brittle. Also, how long do they hold up in a normal freezer?

chefian said...

I have been using trehalose for my sugar in the sphere. It is the same sugar they use to make listorene strips. It is not as sticky as glucose or regular sugar giving the ballon a chance to come off the frozen puree. They last for a couple days in the freezer but you may need to dump them back in liquid nitrogen to make them solid before they go out.