Sunday, December 23, 2007

Special party

I keep making the same dish over and over until I am happy with the flavors and presentation. I seem to have a hard time walking away from anything. I was asked to do a molecular 9 course menu set on a chef's table in the kitchen last night. I picked dishes I have made and remade to get them to this point. It was one of the best dinners I have ever done and I am enjoying cooking ounce again.
Compressed Tomato
Blue cheese marble, pancetta, balsamic caviar

King Salmon
Yuzu butter, edamame flan, Artichoke

Smoked gouda Broth
Sour cream noodles, Roasted carrots, chive

Liquid nitrogen truffle popcorn

Blue crab
Sweet corn, celery leaves, Camembert, Raspberry chips

144.4 degree egg
Walnut mayo, dijon, hallah

Buffalo New york
Butter powder, Hibiscious, Rosti potato

Mustard and Vanilla Organic Chicken Sou-vide
Pancetta hash, Rosemary air

Cranberry, Mint
Eggnog Ice cream made tableside with Liquid Nitrogen

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