Friday, December 7, 2007

Thermal circulator

All right folks. Its on. I got my circulator today and started cooking immediately. I started with egg cooking. I cooked a egg at 144.8 degrees for 1 hour. I am speechless in describing the texture of the egg. It looks soft boiled but may be the purist thing I have ever tasted. Next was a piece of salmon Sou-vide in yuzu butter, dill and Tasmanian pepper. It was literally like eating butter. The salmon flavor was so faint on the back of your palate. Needless to say this will bring all of my cooking up another notch.


Anonymous said...

sweet! I've been thinking of getting one.. where did you get it, and how much did it cost?

chefian said...

I got it through poly science. You can visit there web site and order direct