Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tasting menu 10

I am finally breaking into my carrageenan this week. When I first got it and was researching it I read some material that it causes cancer when heated the wrong way. I am nervous to use anything that might harm my customers but more concerned about my own safety. I will consume way more then my customers will by experimentation and tasting before I put it out. The research I have done says that Carrageenan found in third world countries is generally not safe. They cut corners in the production process that makes it cancerous when heated. The food grade Carrageenan that I received from Le Sanctuare is made in this country under strict food guidelines. I have been marveling at Ideas in Food presentations that I have not been able to achieve with gellan, agar, or other gelling agents. This product gels nicely and gives endless possibilities. The coconut curry sheet that I wrap the shrimp in is made with Carrageenan Genugel LC-5. It is a ratio of 1.5% to the total amount of liquid. Here is the menu this week.

Tasting menu

Beet pomegranate noodles with marbled goat cheese and grilled nuts

Rhubarb encrusted buffalo New York with candied portabella jelly
Smoked bok choy leaves and fried capers

Coconut curry wrapped Hawaiian prawns with puffed Israeli cous cous
Sou-vide baby carrots and tempura cilantro

Carrot cake dippin dots on cream cheese Ice cream
Made tableside with liquid nitrogen

Cherry and Organic spearmint bubble gum

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