Friday, April 3, 2009

8th Continent Demo

I did a extended demo in banquets last night that was attended by some very interesting people. As I started my demo I could tell that everyone in the room was familiar with using liquid nitrogen. I found myself surrounded by astrophysicists and engineers from different firms around the area. I started talking to Rainer Kunz, founder and president of ColdQuanta in Boulder. Come to find out that his company makes Bose-Einstein condensates. This is a type of matter that happens before absolute zero where it is not a gas, solid or liquid. It is a new matter that behaves in ways that we can't quite comprehend. I have had a theory about being able to combine flavor atoms using a condensate. As of today they are only able to produce the condensate using non edible atoms. Maybe some day in the near future we can use this theory in the culinary world to make new flavors on a cellular level. He has invited me down to the lab to talk about some of the theories that I have.

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russ said...

Ah yes - I've seen you work!