Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Steven A. Shaw Founder and Director of eGullet was in town for the IACP awards. He was gracious enough to make the drive from Denver to try us out.


Jenna said...

after hearing about your molecular tasting menu from a colleague, my husband and I are so excited to have reservations for this Saturday night. Not only is it the first night in a year for a date, but it will be our first molecular dining experience. The posting from eGullet made me even more excited. How do we get to try the miracle fruit?

paradigmq said...

excellent and well deserved praise.

ClaireWalter said...

I am happy that your creativity captured the attention of such a big fish in the culinary world as Steven A. Shaw, and especially happy that you wowed him as you did. I escaped from New York more than 20 years, soured by precisely the kind of big-city provincialism that the opening paragraphs of his post expressed. I go back to NY for a week or so every year, and while I love seeing those friends who haven't also bailed out, enjoy some good theater or music, hit a few museums and eat a few good meals, I'm soon ready to leave. In truth, I prefer the Rocky Mountain West's big skies, unpretentious people and, yes, good eats that are now available here -- enough to impress the emperor of eGullet.

Claire @ http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com

Gold Coast Hotels said...

You deserve all these praises. I heard a lot of good words for you. Can't wait to try your recipes. Kudos!