Saturday, April 18, 2009

Herve This Building A Meal

Ever since my wife and I went to San Francisco to see Herve speak, I have been fascinated with his passion and his ability to come up with new concepts. The other day I was contacted by Philip Leventhal from Columbia University Press. He wanted to see if I was interested in obtaining a copy of Herve's new book along with a invitation to interview him. Of course I would I said, I have a few crazy theories I want to run pass him. My book arrived yesterday in a horrible spring storm. While I was waiting for it I exchanged some interesting emails with Herve. Here is Herve's take on the term molecular gastronomy and molecular cooking.

"Indeed, the confusion between the two terms will be soon over, as chefs don't want any longer the term molecular cooking (they are probably afraid of some reactionary media that attack them for using "additives"). On the contrary, I shall never drop the term "molecular gastronomy" for science, because it's entirely legitimate.
And when all chefs will have new tools, ingredients, methods in their kitchen, the job of molecular cooking will be over, and, as I long to have for decades, we can move to something newest... such as "note by note cooking".

Note by Note cooking is a new concept that Herve is exploring. From what I can gather before I completely read the book is it is a way of adding notes or ingredients to obtain new and precise flavors. You can check out this site under the question and answer page for his comments. Our menu still says molecular tasting menu but I cannot wait for the day where we all are looking for the best technique, not the best label. I will have a full review after I get through my copy. Thanks Herve

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